Monday, February 21, 2011

I need a massage, and so do you.

            If you have never had a massage you need to go get one. I’m not kidding. I use them as a reward for all of my hard work in the gym. I had one yesterday and it was fan-freakin-tastic! I go once a month and I’m telling you it is worth every penny. Everyone deserves to be pampered. I can’t always go clothes shopping, so I get massages and pedicures, but I’m only going to tell you about amazing massages.

            A friend of mine owns her own company so I go to her. She was doing my massages before I started the meal plan and working out, so she’s seen my progress every month over the past year or so. One of my favorite things about massages these days is that my massage lady notices a difference every month. So, not only is she working out all the muscle knots I can accumulate in one month, but she also notices and tells me how my body and muscles are changing. It’s really a self esteem booster!

            I even notice how much progress I’ve made when I get massages. I know I complain that my chest is not shrinking as fast as I want, but I know that it has. When I first started getting massages I couldn’t put my face in that little donut looking thing. You know; the one you put your face in when you’re laying on your belly? I could not get my face all the way down into that thing. My chest and stomach were too big and I would have to ask for a pillow to put my head on. About 2 months ago I realized that my face fit perfectly onto that little donut thing. I didn’t have to strain my neck and head at all. My massage lady noticed it too. It was a pretty awesome feeling.

            Ok, but really, getting massages is awesome. They are so relaxing and everyone deserves 1 hour to completely relax and get pampered. It’s really my selfish time to myself every month and everyone deserves some selfish, personal time. If you haven’t had a full body massage, go freakin’ get one! 


  1. Agreed! Getting massages is so good for stress too. Great way to treat yourself.

  2. You are so smart for finding a way to reward yourself not related to food... that's how a lot of people start to slip!

  3. Ok so when your lady is working out your knots, does it really hurt? Because I went a few weeks ago with a gift certificate I got for Christmas, and the beginning of the massage was "tension release" where she just attacked my knots, and there were moments when I was almost crying. After that first twenty minutes, it was great, but I thought I would have to call it quits before I got there!

  4. Hey, great post. I do need a massage. You're right.

  5. Morgan, I do get huge knots from time to time, but it doesn't hurt when she works them out. Maybe your person was a little heavy handed. Don't be afraid to tell your person if they are pressing too hard or too soft!

  6. We’re on the same boat, Sarah. I just had my deep tissue massage, and I perfectly love it! Getting a massage is how I relax after a long exhausting day. After every treatment, I feel reborn, relaxed, and I can think more clearly. :]

    - Steffanie Roldan