Thursday, January 13, 2011

Can someone please block shows about weight loss and obesity from my tv?

           I don’t watch the Biggest Loser and not because I think it’s a bad show. I’m sure it’s a great show, but it’s not grotesque enough for me. I’m too busy watching TLC, Discovery, Style, A&E, WE, E!, and Oxygen. They have some of the most addicting, disgusting, jaw dropping shows about weight loss, morbid obesity, and food addiction that I have ever seen. It wouldn’t be such a big deal for me to watch them, but I get paranoid that I’m going to end up like the people on the show, grossed out, or mad while I’m watching them and start calling people to tell them about what I’m watching! Kelly and Janelle have both threatened to do a Parental Blocks on those channels if I don’t get myself under control!

            I am so fascinated by these shows with titles like, One Ton Mom, 600 Pound Virgin, Worlds Fattest Man, and Half Ton Teen. I can’t even tell you why they’re so engaging. I guess it’s that the people on these shows say so many crazy things to justify how they look, what they eat, why they can’t lose weight, or how they know they are losing weight.

For example, one man had a gastric bypass after a wall had to be removed from his house to get him out. He refused to change what he ate, but did try to eat smaller portions. He said that it doesn’t matter what you eat because he can’t lose weight because obesity is genetic. So he said there was no need to eat salad and veggies. According to him soda pop and chips were just as good for him, and tastier, than the salads and veggies.

Another show I watched was about the world’s largest woman. She was nearly 1000 pounds. She was confined to a bed, but said that she was still healthy because she was able to pull herself to a seated position. She said she still felt beautiful, would wear makeup daily, and tried to give herself daily sponge baths. She was also so large that she could not wear clothes. She wore king size silk sheets and said that she knew she was sexy no matter what she was wearing. Her children would hold mirrors around her body so she could check on her sores and weeping skin. She actually died due to complications from a gastric bypass.

There are so many more I could tell you about too, but I’m going to spare you. I have a love hate relationship with these kinds of shows. I can’t stop watching. I never watched any of these shows until last year. I guess what I really want to know is how they got that big. When you get so big that you can’t move, who brings your food to you and why do they bring all that food? I guess I’m fascinated by other people’s weight loss stories and struggles, but I’m totally developing a problem. There is a new show starting on A&E called Heavy. It hasn’t even started yet, but I can’t stop talking about it. Based on what I’ve seen on the commercials it’s right up my ally, and I’m going to be hooked. I hope by the time I reach my goal weight I will be past this current obsession. If not, I’m going to have to cancel my cable! 


  1. I'm totally with you there !! I used to watch those kind of shows like a MAD woman ! I don't blame you honestly, because those shows are entertaining and (yes) it makes us feel better about OURSELVES. It's also (for me) a reminder that I need to stay on the path of health so that I DON'T become like that. There are just so many things those shows do to you. I'm glad I haven't had cable for years or I would be just as addicted as you !!! :))) lol

    I'm into the Biggest Loser because I'm actually motivated by that show. It feels good to see people who are trying hard to do something about it... and that show actually makes me feel like a total wimp.

  2. Oh and good job on losing 71 pounds !!! Whoohooo !!!