Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm a bad blogger!

Hey folks! I have been swept up in the world of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.....

I've kind of abandoned my blog on a regular basis. BUT.... I do manage to hop on here from time to time and do a little reading. (Reading blogs about weighloss is way better than reading the real news!)

I must admit, I am on here posting today for other puposes as well. I am enrolled in a technology course at my local community college. I have to renew my professional teaching license and I'm no longer working in a k-12 setting. I moved into adult education and my PD there does not count toward my PD for licensure renewal.... go figure. Anyway, I welcome a brush up on technology.

SOOOO, I do have some 2015 goals. I have no problem going to the gym. I love going to the gym. I love lifing heavy. I'm just a hot mess when it comes to food. I love, love, love food. I love eating! I'm slowly getting back on track. I'm doing pretty good. Last week, I was with Janelle and Jenna doing meal prep for the week.
Here we are making chicken and veggies for our lunches.
Ohhh and a crap load of sweet potatoes! 
We are getting together again this week to make more chicken and veggies....... surprise, right? I have a different recipe. So chicken and different veggies!

It was really fun and really fast. We prepped meals for 3 people in about and hour and a half. We even screwed around for a while in there. It would have taken me so long to get all of this ready by myself. Divide and conquer, right?

I keep thinking I need to make this a regular thing in my life again. There is something nice about telling my random workout and food stories to people on the interent!

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