Thursday, March 29, 2012

What? A phone call from Zach Vargo?

Last night the most amazing thing happened. Well, not the most amazing, but something that I've been wanting to happen. I think Zach Vargo was excited and was trying to tell me he was excited. Zach is not an overly emotional, excited guy. I mean he is, but he just keeps all that stuff to himself. Anyway, I'm telling the end before I tell the beginning. 

So, there I was in Kelly's kitchen and my phone rings. I see that is says Zach Vargo. (I have to first name, last name him. I don't know why, I just have to refer to him by all names.) My first thought was that something was wrong with Janelle. My second was that it was about my bodpod from the day before. I answered because I was sure it was about the first reason. Zach never calls me about my bodpods. He usually tells Janelle to set a time for me to go over and talk about body fat and meal plans. He also has never looked a bodpod so fast!

Well, it was about the bodpod and it was awesome. Basically, Zach told me that I have 29 pounds until I reach my goal weight and I will be at 20% body fat. Right now I'm just over 30%. 

For the sake of time and typing I'm going to put the rest in list form:

- My chances for disease have severely decreased because I'm no longer carrying around all this extra weight
- I have about 101,500 calories to burn before my goal weight. 
- When I started it was something like 5 million and some calories to burn before reaching my goal weight (Zach Vargo does everything in numbers and I'm telling you it works. Just looking at your weight and activity on paper as a math problem really hits home for some reason.)
- At 20% body fat I will be at the bottom of the "lean" category. Right now I'm moving into the "moderately lean" category. He said that Janelle is usually more than 20% body fat when she starts training for a show. 
- When I reach my goal weight I will be 135 pounds. 

I could tell from the way Zach was talking that he really was excited, even though the words "I'm really excited" never came out of his mouth. He also had one more thing for me....

He is now working with another woman who is pretty  much where I was 2 and 1/2 years ago. She is using a meal plan, but is struggling with the eating every three hours. She feels like she is eating way too much, even though she is consuming about 1/2 the calories that she used to. Zach thinks it would be a good idea for her and I to talk. I'm all about it. Hopefully we set something up and find a time to meet and talk about what we're both doing.  Zach pointed out that he can't really talk to her about the emotional side of things, but I definitely can. I'm all about it. I would love to help someone else while they are trying to adjust to a new way of looking at food and eating. 

Anyway, this was a longer blog than I've written in a while. I'm just really excited right now. I'm so close to my goal. Janelle was even texting me after Zach and I got off the phone. She was telling me that he could not stop talking about my bodpod and goal and whatnot. 

I was smiling the whole time I was on the phone with Zach, I was smiling while telling Kelly about the conversation, I was smiling while texting Janelle, and I'm smiling now while writing this blog. Hell yea. 


  1. I'm indescribably proud of and happy for you! And even though I don't know Zack and Janelle, they are clearly smart people, but even more -- great friends! I can't think of a better way to show a friend you care than to support their health. I'm going to take a page from their book and try to remember then when I want to give someone food (or alcohol) as a present. Now I'm rambling, but this post really struck a cord with ME!

  2. Awesome, utterly awesome. So happy for you!!!

  3. Wow, amazing! Congratulations! And I think it is time for a new progress picture!