Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have a new batch of students and I always let my new students know that I will eat at random times because I eat on a schedule and blah, blah, blah.

At the end of class one of the women (I teach adults) says, "Ms. Sarah, so how much weight have you lost?" I tell her that I've lost just under 120 pounds.

From Google Images.
"Damn girl, you were that big?!"

This woman had the best....absolute best reaction I've seen in 2 years of weight loss. She gets this look on her face that is a mix between scared, shocked, and disgusted and then says, "damn girl, you were that big?! Holy crap!"

I just started laughing. She did not say it to be rude. She was really just shocked at what I said.

After that we talked for  a little bit about what I've done to lose the weight and how I like to workout. She then told me that she has lost about 80 pounds. I should have said, "damn girl, you were that big???" Ha ha. Anyway, she's losing weight for her wedding and then she told me all about getting married.

So, I just thought that was the best reaction to losing a crap load of weight. I wish I would  have known she was going to react that way. I would have taken a picture of her face. It was priceless, and now one of my favorite weight loss stories.


  1. Almost 120 lbs is small woman you lost. Way to go and more compliments to come.

  2. I think it's hard to believe that regular sized people were once so heavy and vice versa. It's almost a testament to how people have an impression of who you are based on how you look. Almost like your past and future you don't exist.

    with that said, that was awesome, it totally made me smile.

  3. When I showed a co-worker of mine my "before" picture (my drivers license is still me at my highest weight) she said "Damn, Girl, you didn't have NO NECK!"
    LOLOL. I still laugh out loud when I think about it!

  4. Too funny, I've had that reaction before too, all I can do is laugh and say yes I really was that big, most people don't believe me that I weighed 270 lbs at my biggest but its true.