Monday, August 22, 2011

Random workout pictures

Yesterday we decided that it would be the outside work out day. It was nice weather and sunny so we figured we better get in some more days outside before it really does get to that crappy fall weather. 

Nothing particularly interesting has been going on lately so I figure that random pictures will do just fine!

Janelle working hard
and jumping on things.

This is how Ashley prefers to workout.
In her defense, it did take effort to move
that swing!
And there's Janelle...
still working hard!

This was my preferred workout for the morning!

This is where our evening started.
Turbo wandering around in a puddle.
And then there was a huge, huge spider
and we ran away...

Rebel! He was my walking pal for the night!

Rebel getting caught up in his leash.
This is a common thing for him. 

Trying to get the leash situation under control. 
Still fixing the leash...
Oh look! Here we are walking!
Ohhhh, we're still walking!


  1. Your fur babies are so cute!!!!! Good job on the workouts. I'm tired just looking at the pics.

  2. LOL at the leash. I walk my pit and lab on adouble leash. The lab is pretty well trained but the pit..not so much.

    Oh well it adds an upper body workout to my dog walks!

  3. I'm going to point out the obvious here... Your stomach is flat. Nuff said.

  4. Thanks Margaret!

    Trisha, the dogs are Janelle's. They are cute! I love it when we take them on walks!