Thursday, August 25, 2011

New job

I started a new job, so I've been in meetings for the past few days. 

I was excited to get this new job because I don't know anyone there and they don't know that I've lost a ton of weight. To them, I'm just a girl who looks like an average girl. 

I figure it's bound to come up at some point, but when I'm ready to talk about it. Right? 


I sat down at a meeting yesterday morning at 9AM and there were brownies. Freakin' brownies. I was in shock. Donuts I would have expected, but brownies? Really?

Everyone grabs brownies and they are talking about how good they are and they keep offering me a brownie. 

I politely refuse. I use excuses: I'm not hungry, I don't want anything that sweet right now, It's too early for a brownie, etc, etc. 

My refusals were shot down every time. They told me that they love to eat at meetings, they always have food at meetings, they all love sweets, etc, etc...

But, they let me slide. They didn't force it on me. Thank goodness. 

Then an awesome thing happened. This very tall, big guy that works there looks at me and says, "You are very small and petite. How are you going to handle the people down at your location? They are going to walk all over you because you are so small." 

I told him my stock response, "Oh, no one messes with me. I'm pretty rough and tumble. I'm good at putting people in their place, even adults. If someone wants to talk down to me or push my buttons, they can, but they are messing with the wrong person." In my head I was thinking, you just called me petite and small? Awesome. 

Later we were in a different meting and everyone starts talking about going to lunch and what our schedule should be at our office and classrooms. 

I just said, "Don't worry about me for food. I'll always pack a lunch and as far as schedule I just require frequent restroom breaks. I drink a lot of water." 

Then all the questions came....why don't you want lunch, what's the deal with water, why didn't you eat a brownie at the other meeting?

I told them everything in a very abridged version: I eat every three hours, I drink a gallon of water a day, I workout 5 to 6 times a week, I count protein and calories, eating at restaurants is nearly impossible, and I've lost about 100 pounds because of everything I just mentioned. 

For some reason no one really had anything to say. I'm not surprised. I don't really care that they were all pretty silent about it, but I know that they won't bother me about going to lunch and why I'm not eating the brownies at our meetings!


  1. it drives me crazy when people don't let things go. If i say I don't want a freaking brownie just DROP IT! I have that happen at work all the time. Everyone sits there eating their 12 donuts and all i hear is "one donut won't kill you" would think people would just stop already lol.

  2. Its the guilt thing. If you don't have one they are reminded that they probably shouldn't be having one either. Also its probably a group dynamics thing. If you aren't doing what everyone else is doing you aren't with them so you are against them.

    Seriously though why don't people put out pineapple or watermelon in meetings or even at parties. You can have a TON of each for under 100 calories.