Thursday, July 21, 2011

And there you were just sitting in a circle.

Funny gym story.

I was at the gym alone yesterday and I was trying to bust through my workout. I waved at this guy that we see almost every time we are there. He usually says something funny to Janelle, Ashley, and I because we always look like we are sitting around waiting for each other. 

He looks at me and says, "Well, I guess you can get some work done today since you are alone."

"Yea," I said, " We usually just sit around when we are here. This stuff isn't for working out, it's for lounging."

He laughs and then says, "Well, the first time I saw you girls you were all over there (by the squat rack) sitting on the floor in a circle. I was wondering what the heck you girls were doing and why you were just sitting on the floor. Then I saw you girls start squatting and I knew you were no joke!"

"Oh wow. Yea, we do a lot of sitting while we're here. I'm sure most people think we are crazy. I think I might decorate my house with gym equipment. It's better for lounging."

Anyway, I thought it was a funny story. I didn't get to tell Janelle and Ashley until this morning when we were at the gym. 

I like it when I run into people at the gym that are nice and not trying to coach us, train us, tell us we are doing everything wrong, etc, etc....and those types of interactions make me smile.  I do need to smile more often. 


  1. i like when people are nice at the gym as well! funny story :)

  2. I love my gym...usually there is no one there at the time of day I go. But nice people like this one would be welcome!