Thursday, June 2, 2011

I didn't think it was appropriate to say anything...

I ran into a friend from high school that I haven't seen in a long time. It was a total surprise to run into him last night because I wasn't expecting to see him until tonight. 

After we talked for a few minutes I got the, "So, I know I haven't seen you in a long time, but I swear you've lost weight. I could be wrong. My wife said it wasn't totally appropriate to ask."

Aww...I was touched. I was like, "Hell yea! I've lost an ass load of weight!"

Then the conversation switched to an upcoming high school reunion. Most of the guys I ran into were like, "Yea, who wants to do that...." 

I was like, "I do! You guys know I'm a vane b*tch! Most people gain weight after high school...I went the other way. I'm busting in there and I'm yelling, look at me people! I look friggin' fantastic! Go ahead, ask how much I've lost!"

We all had a good laugh after that, because they know it sounds exactly like something I would do. 

Anyway, I totally busted out my size 10 jeans last night and they fit amazingly. I actually didn't recognize myself for a minute too. I was at my Momma's house for a hot second and I saw myself in the mirror. Clearly, I knew it was me, but it was strange. I didn't look like me. I actually thought I looked, dare I say, skinny. Then it made me smile. 

So, when I later ran into the guys from high school that I haven't seen in a long time and the one guy was commenting on how I looked, it made me feel super awesome. I mean, I haven't seen this guy in a long, long time. I know I gained more weight since the last time I saw him, so it made me realize that I'm smaller than I was in high school. I hope that all made sense right there, because it sounds a little confusing. 


  1. LOL i would love to know u in real life.Congrats on ur 10's!

  2. I think I got it. Ass load of weight lost and wanting to show it to e eryone who knew you before the loss. How fun to be where you are at for the reunion. I wish I had been there for mine but it was in NC and now I live in Utah.

  3. lmao you crack me up!! "LOOK AT ME! Go ahead.. ask how much I have lost!" hahahahah You're so awesome. Good for you girl!!!

  4. Get it girl! HA HA Isn't it amazing to go down in pant sizes and they fit? You would think I would be use to buying smaller and smaller sizes all the time but it's hard to adjust at times, its like no freaking way I can wear 12's when I was so use to wearing 24's and would struggle to get those on at times!

  5. SIZE 10!?!?!?! holy wow you are such an inspiration and doing such an amazing job!! I totally love your reaction to your friend when you seen him!! awesome!!

  6. I'm like you and want people to comment! Most people are unsure about it though :) YAY for people noticing!

  7. Assload of weight is sooo funny! You go girl! That is awesome and I think it's worse when you have to wonder if they noticed! xoxo