Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It doesn't happen in a minute

I ran into an old friend last night. He told me that I looked good. My only response was, "I've lost a lot of weight." He asked how I did it and I explained, quickly, what I was doing. I told him I've been working on this for about a year and a half. His response, "It's about time people realize that this shit takes time. You can't just do say, I'm going to do P90X for 3 months and be super fit forever. You have to go slow and maintain."

Now, I hear Zach and Janelle say that all the time, and I think it's true, but when you see someone else (who isn't a personal trainer) it really sinks in. I'm glad I ran into this guy because he helped me get back on track. Obviously, he doesn't know that he has helped me get back on track, but he did. 

I was hitting a wall. I'm still doing everything that I'm supposed to, but I was just getting frustrated for the first time in 16 months. 

I'm doing this on my own (obviously with the help of Zach and Janelle and the support of friends and family though). I thought about surgery, but I don't think I ever could have done it. I would have had to make more changes that I was willing to make. I also think that I need this to be a long process so I remember what a difficult task it was to get to a healthy weight. This way, when I think that I want to eat a bunch of junk and not workout, I'll remember where I started and I never want to get back to that! I've had a lot of time to think about things, try new things, and change things through this whole process. 

I'm not saying that my way is better than any other way, it's just the way that works for me and I'm glad it's what I'm doing. Everyone else had to make their own decisions and I'm sure they have all come to the best decisions for themselves. 

Also, to me I feel more impressed with myself that I'm sucking it up and doing this hard work. I feel like this is one of the more challenging things I've dealt with in my life and I'm pretty proud of myself for doing this. 


  1. You are incredible for not taking the easy way out. So many people try to look for quick-fixes that they slowly realize it's not sustainable.

    I'm glad your friend said that to you! I normally get people who ask me LOOKING for shortcuts and getting discouraged when I tell them it's a lifestyle change.

  2. You should be proud for taking the hard road. You will be able to enjoy a long and healthy life because of it.

  3. As much as I would love to wake up thin it does not happen over night (unfortunately).

    I follow a few people who did the surgery or lap band and one in particular seems to be losing the weight at the same rate that I am doing it. And she is still struggling with binge eating and with regaining weight so I don't think there are any easy fixes not even with surgery.

    I think that this is a phase we have to go through where we feel frustrated with the process... But to get where we want to be we just have to hang in there...

  4. All I will say is "You go Girl"! :) I havent said that since 6th grade! ;)


  5. I completely agree with you. So many people have surgery to help with their weight loss, and sometimes it doesn't even help. They have the surgery and think they can go back to eating whatever they want. Next thing you know, they're back where they started and are out loads of money as well.

    Though it's a longer road, it's better to do it yourself. Like you said, knowing everything you went through to lose weight will make you think twice later on.

    You're doing fantastic! Just keep pushin through :)

  6. I think ur just amazing.You have come so far you should be so proud.

  7. Surgery is not the easy way out.. by any means.. unless you've web through it, you really don't know what your talking about... this is more for your readers than you though!

    Congrats! I think your doing a fabulous job! Making a lifestyle change ia hard, regardless of what tool you decide to use! We are not only shrinking out tummies but changing our minds as well! Great job!