Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm so self centered and I love it.

   If you don't want to read about me talking about myself and how many compliment I've been getting, you should probably not read this. (Just a little heads up for ya)

    I've been working with some teachers that I haven't seen for a while. I keep getting awesome compliments. I still don't always know how to handle them, because I don't want to be outright vain when they tell me that they notice the changes. I still just say thank you and move on. Sometimes I tell them that I am working really hard and I'm glad that people notice the changes. 

   Really, I want to tell them that I do look damn good, I've been working my ass off, and they should be complimenting me. Ok, I do say that to some people, but they know I'm joking. 

    The other day a group of teachers stopped me and asked me how much weight I had lost. I told them I was getting closer and closer to 100 pounds every day. They told me that I looked great. I thanked them for noticing and that getting all the compliments makes me realize that it is noticeable. I finally feel like all my hard work is paying off. 

    Later the principal was asking me if I was still losing weight and told me that I was looking great. I told her the same thing. I said I was getting closer and closer to 100 pounds lost and her eyes got so big, like that look of disbelief. I think she was really in a mild shock. Her reaction was awesome. Really, 100 pounds is a lot. 

    After that another teacher walked past me and said, "Every time I see you it's like you've lost another 100 pounds." I told her I was still on the first 100 and it was really exciting for me. We talked for a minute about what I was doing to lose all this weight. We both had meetings to get to so our conversation was cut short, but she really wanted to know more about what I was doing. 

    That was just one day too. It was awesome. It was a nice boost for the day. I'm becoming more relaxed when people make a nice comment. At first I wasn't sure how to handle them, but now I'm getting more accustom to hearing these things and it's easier to respond and not sound like I'm unappreciative of kind words coming my way. 



  1. I love getting compliments! :)

  2. I don't think you're being vain at all! Compliments are what keep you going! You see yourself everyday when you look in the mirror so even though you notice the change, it's still sometimes hard to see all of the progress and the changes. When people tell you how great you look, it really sinks in that all your hard work IS paying off!

    Keep it up girly!

  3. The compliments still freak me out but it's great to hear, cuz somedays when I feel like I am not doing enough or have lost enough it's when others make the comments of geez Sarah stop losing weight your shrinking away, or you look amazing, you look great, keep up the great work, encourages me big time. My brain hasn't completely caught up with my body yet in realizing 100% of what I have accomplished and done.

  4. That is great you should be proud of your weight loss.

  5. You deserve every compliment! You are doing so good!