Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here's the plan for the week.

          This is more of my list of workouts that I will be doing for the week. I really just need to get it down in front of me to see what I’m trying to get done this week. I’ve celebrated my Spring Break a little too hard so far, so I’m playing catch up on the workouts already. Now when I say I’m playing catch up I really mean I’ve done my regular workouts but not all the extras I’ve wanted to. I shouldn’t be hard on myself; it’s only Sunday morning and Spring Break started on Friday.

            Today: Regular workout and afternoon walk at the Reserve.

            Monday: A.M. Cardio (Monday is usually a regular day off from the gym)

            Tuesday: Regular workout and afternoon walk at the Reserve

            Wednesday: Bod Pod and shopping; possibly cardio in the P.M.

            Thursday: Regular workout and afternoon cardio

            Friday: Regular workout and afternoon cardio

            Saturday: Ok, I haven’t really thought about next Saturday and Sunday but I’m sure I will be doubled up somewhere

            Sunday: Please see above!

            So, it’s going to be a busy week. I still have to remember my other obligations like tutoring and whatnot. I’ll just have to workout all around those things! I’m really looking forward to my Bod Pod. I need to make some last minute changes for the next month to get me to my goal of 100 pounds lost by May 11. Wish me luck, it might be brutal.


  1. You have great focus! 100 pounds by may 11! your so close!

  2. Sounds like a busy week! Keep it up, and 100 pounds gone will be here for sure by May 11!

  3. Just saw your link via Patrick's blog. You've made great progress! I look forward to seeing you pass the 100 mark!

  4. Good plan, Great plan. Have plan and you will have success! Have a great week Sarah. Oh & be sure to check out Phil, great blogger, great guy!

  5. Your making me look and feel lazy girl LMAO Way to go!

  6. Wow!!! That is an awesome list!! You are a rockstar!! All I gotta say... wow... and rockstar... (so two things.)