Friday, March 4, 2011

Because it's your job!

I had some time to kill and I decided to read the news. I should know better than to do this because every time I do I get upset about the state of the world. Then I always decide to read about current health and fitness news. That’s usually no better.

            I came across this article on CNN, Too few docs tell patients they're overweight, and I must say it was a good article. It was a little alarming, but still good. In a nut shell here’s what it’s about. Most people don’t even think they are overweight and doctors aren’t telling people that they are overweight which only makes people believe that they don’t have a weight issue.

            There was one paragraph that I have to comment on. The paragraph states:

            Doctors may be reluctant to broach the subject of weight for a number of reasons, Post says. For instance, busy physicians might not want to fall behind schedule by adding another topic to their list of things to discuss during an appointment. And many doctors have negative attitudes toward their heavier patients, whom they see as unlikely to stick to a diet and exercise program, he adds.

            Well, I know this does not accurately depict all doctors. God knows my doctors would comment on how much I weighted. I hope this doesn’t define any of your doctors either. It is their job to point out what is not healthy! It is their job to be “the bad guy” and tell it like it is about our health. My family doctor addressed my weight through the years and I was never mad at him for it. I expected it from him because it was his job.

I hope if people have doctors like this that they find a new one. Doctors are always behind when they have office hours. I know it sucks to wait for the doctor to show up for your appointment, but all patients are different. There is no mold for what happens at a doctor’s appointment and I can’t believe that a doctor wouldn’t want to ask a few more questions or make a few more comments. I mean, I see these commercials all the time about the questions you should ask your doctor, but what about what your doctor should be telling you?

            Ok, I think I’m done ranting now. Really, the article was a good one. I wouldn’t have told all of you to read it if I didn’t think it was worth reading. Anyway, some days I think I shouldn’t read the news. It get’s my heart racing, makes my blood pressure rise, and stresses me out! (I think that helps me burn a few extra calories though!)


  1. That is VERY interesting!! I just did a smallish post on my blog, after watching Heavy and hearing that doc, my doctors never told me a word. I see my neurosurgeon and neurologist regularly. I see my PCP once every month too, they all email eachother to stay on top of my care... and yet me standing at 5'5" and 268lbs.. I was never talked to. So I called my neurosurgeon, and I was straight told, there were too many things going on with me, for weight to be an issue or concern. WHAT?!?! Since losing some weight my MS has improved a ton, yet... it wasn't a concern because of everything else?? incredible.

  2. That quote didn't surprised me. I remember having a doc back in 1999 tell me that my sciatica was because I was fat and that I'd probably suffered from that for ages because of my weight. First he assumed I had always been obese. Then he assumed that my complaint of "new pain" was a lie. I filed a complaint with the center administration and never went back. Now, thankfully, I've got great doctor that has no problem being honest enough to tell it like it is and then takes the time to discuss options and alternatives (that don't involve medications or surgery) with me. I agree that if someone doesn't have a doctor like that, they need to find a new one.

  3. I'm so surprised that your doctors didn't say anything. My family doctor would always mention my weight and if I had a plan to change my weight. My Oncologist never said anything about my weight though. I just didn't think he was concerned about it at the time.

  4. I think people have so many different experiences. I've really only ever had doctors focus on the weight with me. You're absolutely right, it is their job but sometimes I think doctors concentrate on weight being the problem and make assumptions and basically push you into the ground that you develop a pattern of ignoring problems (or maybe that's just me) and then you have the rare lovely doctors who say wow you've lost 8kgs congratulations you should be pleased with yourself. It's a fine balance.