Saturday, January 15, 2011


            I love to have all of the attention, but on my own terms! I love to be the center of attention when I know everyone in the room and when I’m bringing the attention to myself. I love it when everything revolves around me, but I have to be in charge of those things too! On the other hand, I get really shy and quiet when someone else brings the attention to me! I’m sure some people can’t believe that at all, but it’s true.

            With any weight loss, come compliments. Obviously, the compliments are supposed to be encouraging, supportive, happy, and motivational. I like the compliments and that people have noticed the change, but sometimes I have no idea what to say and if there are people around that I don’t know it makes me want to hide.

            I have also received some compliments that make me laugh to myself. It’s clear to me that people want to say something nice, but sometimes they don’t know what to say and it ends up like a compliment with jagged edges. Here’s a list of some of the odd compliments I’ve gotten from friends, coworkers, strangers, etc…

  1. “Wow, you look great. You have shape.”
  2. “I can really tell now, because your face isn’t fat.”
  3. “Wow, I’m so proud of you. Do you think it will last?”
  4. “It’s working now, but I hope you’re body doesn’t get used to it [the meal plan] and just starts gaining again. I’m sure you’ll be ok though.”
  5. “I didn’t know you had a waist.”
  6. “I think you look great, but I miss drinking with you.”
  7. “So, when can you have a beer?”

So, I know that those compliments aren’t meant to hurt me, but sometimes the come out wrong. So, here are some of the nice comments I get too.

  1. “You look flippin’ amazing.”
  2. “You are shrinking! You look fantastic.”
  3. “Amazing.”
  4. “I’m speechless; you look awesome.”

Overall, I appreciate all of the compliments that I receive. Sometimes they just catch me off guard, and sometimes I just don’t know what to say. I usually just say thank you. I wonder what would happen if I just started agreeing with everyone when they gave me a compliment.

Random person: “Wow, you look great!”
Me: “I know, right?”


  1. I say do it.. agree with them when you get a compliment!

    I had to laugh at the one that said you had a shape... I've heard that one before... so basically you are saying I was just a big ol' lump before??

    I am a new follower btw.. congrats on your weight loss so far! you have done awesome!

  2. This made me laugh so hard. I have heard so many of the same ridiculous "compliments". What are people thinking sometimes?!

  3. Some of the "compliments" are funny to read but I am sure it sucks hearing them. Some people just dont think before they speak. I remember my cousin once told me that he was happy that I lost some weight because my face was HUGE. (Extra emphasis on HUGE)