Sunday, April 29, 2012

Holy Crap, I Did An Effing Pullup!

So.....big day yesterday....I did a pull up! A real pull up. Not a pull up with assistance to make it easier, but a real pull up....all me, no help. There is even a video to prove it. 

Here's a quick back story as to why there is a video....

I tried a pull up yesterday. I got about half way up, and that was further than I've ever gotten. Janelle gave me a tip....breath out when you start. Then she grabbed her phone and said she was going to record the next attempt, because she was sure that I was going to do it. We stopped recording right after I drop down, so you don't hear me yell, "The breathing worked!" 

Anyway, it was quite a day for me. I spent all last night telling people about my one pull up. I was able to do one more unassisted, and then I was all tapped out and I had to use the resistance bands to give me a boost again. 

I've had an ongoing struggle with pull ups for the past 3 years now. Sometimes I even write about it. You can read about some of those here and here

I've never uploaded a video and this one came from a phone. I hope it uploaded correctly. Also, I don't have the editing software to rotate the I might look like I'm crawling. Just turn your head to the side and I'll look normal.

Oh, and excuse my leg kicking! I swear when I kick my legs around it helps!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Meal Plan!

So, it's that time again. I got a new meal plan. It's a pretty drastic plan, but I'm only following this one for 6 weeks. Ok, it's not that drastic, but it is less calories. I'm gonna be kinda rumbly in the tummy for a few days while I adjust. 

So, here it is....
Breakfast 350 calories and I need 20 grams of protein

Pre-Workout or Run 380 calories and 20 grams of protein

Post-Workout 420 calories and 30 grams of protein 

Snack 228 calories and 15 grams of protein 

Dinner 228 calories and 15 grams of protein

For the day that totals 1606 calories and 100 grams of protein. Also, I usually get more protein. I just have to get at least the amount of protein listed for each meal. 

My protein has switched around a little, but not much. My calories have decreased on my snack and dinner. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. I also still watch my saturated fat. I try not to have more than about 2 grams of saturated fat per meal. I still get a gallon of water a day. 

I workout 6 days a week, so on the 1 day I don't work out I have a slightly different plan to follow. 

Like I said, this is only for 6 weeks. I'm not sure what Zach has in mind, because he wouldn't tell me. He actually said, "I have a secret plan that only I know. Just me and myself. I'm not going to tell you yet." After that he did this really sneaky laugh. God only knows what is still to come. 

I would also just like to point out that my breakfast is one of my larger meals and my dinner the smallest. Even if you don't follow a meal plan of your own, you should still have a bigger breakfast and smaller dinner. It's just a good habit. 

You can find all of my other meal plans under the MEAL PLAN tab on the home page of my blog. 

I would also like to point out that my meal plans are made me for me. They are tailored to my lean mass and what I should weigh at a healthy weight. I do not follow the traditional BMI suggestions, because they are only based on height alone. I get my body fat done every three months so that Zach can help me make another plan that is perfectly tailored to me. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random thoughts while eating....

I was sitting at my table today, eating a ton of fresh fruit, and thinking about how delicious fresh fruit tastes. I was eating fruit that I would not ordinarily eat. I was eating blueberries and raspberries. I like things flavored with blueberry and raspberry, but I just don't typically eat them alone. Anyway, it got me to thinking. 

A few years ago, you would have never caught me sitting at my table eating fresh fruit as part of my meal. I've always loved fruit, but I used to never think to eat it as part of a meal. I started thinking about my changes I've made because of meal plans, food choices I've made over the past few years, and how those choices have changed to more healthy options. 

My meal plans were and are designed so that I can eat what I want. I just have to make sure my food follows guidelines; such as calorie content, protein, and fat. As long as I'm in those bounds I can eat what I want. I've never been told that I have to eat certain foods for certain meals. If so, I would have quit this before it even started. 

When I started these meal plans almost two and half years ago I still ate some high fat foods; I just ate them in moderation. I ate certain proportions and I ate at certain times. As my plans have changed and different things have been added into my meal plans, I've made different choices. Basically, I've cut out some of the bad foods on my own and I have made better choices. No one told me that I had to eat fruit and vegetables to lose weight. I followed a calorie limit and I did the rest on my own. 

For example: I used to eat a lot of Lean Cuisine frozen pizzas because they were in my calorie, protein, and fat limits, but that was all I could have for an entire meal. Now, I like to eat meals, so I don't eat the frozen pizza. I make low cal, high protein options for my food. That way I can eat fruit, veggies, and maybe another side with all my meals. I love it so much better this way. 

I've met and spoken with people who try to lose weight and they cut out everything they love. They try to eat all fruit, veggies, low fat everything, and then they end up unhappy and quit. They go right back to their old ways. 

I try to let them know that in the beginning it's not so much what you eat, but how much you eat. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose you can just cut back on the serving size or how many servings you eat at one time. Don't eat the whole pizza! Eat 2 slices and save the rest for another 3 meals! That one pizza can go a long way! 

As you lose more and more weight you will naturally want to try different things and make better food choices. I believe that to be true, because it happened to me. I never thought I would enjoy eating grilled chicken, hummus, and fresh veggies more than I enjoy eating a big greasy, deep fried meal, but one day I realized it had happened. No one told me to even make the change. 

So, really my random thought led me to this overall thought: Make small changes. Don't make a huge, sweeping change at one time. Start small. Once you are comfortable with one change and you know you can handle and maintain it, make another change. Before you know it, you've lost 125+ pounds and you're craving fruit instead of greasy food. 

These days I blow off anyone who tells me that counting calories doesn't work. Those people are stupid in my book, because I've counted and counted calories. I've lost a ton of weight. I try to tell people that I'm proof that calorie counting works. I'm proof that working out works. I'm proof that people can make a change and stick to it. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Good-bye old friend....

The first item I ever bought from 31.
I'm pretty sure this spurred an
expensive addiction!
I'm sure you all opened this thinking that someone near and dear to me has moved on or passed away. In a way I did lose someone near and dear to me, it's just not a's my lunch bag. 

I have been using the same lunch bag for about 2 years now. It is a 31 bag and it has been amazing. I used that bad boy faithfully. I mean, I eat on a schedule. I pack food everywhere I go. When I go to work I take at least 2 or 3 meals with me; depending on how long I have to work. This bag has been amazing. I've put a lot of miles on it, and now I have to get a new one. 

The thought occurred to me this morning, when I was grabbing it to throw my food in, that this lunch bag was looking pretty raggedy. I looked at the bottom and all the white dots are turning off white and the corners are starting to tear. Then I looked inside and the foil looking part used for a liner is starting to tear apart. There are big exposed parts and the exposed parts used to be white, but now they are slightly discolored. I also noticed a funky smell today..... 

I was so tired of telling people that I
wasn't on a diet that I had it put on my
lunch bag!
I'm pretty sad about losing my dear lunch bag. I'm most sad about it because it had the wonderful saying "Not a Diet" embroidered on it. My lunch bag and that saying are really what spurred the title to this blog and a lot of good conversations. People would look at it and say, "Sarah, why the hell does that lunch box say not a diet...." Many good conversations were started that way. 

I don't think I'm going to buy another personalized lunch bag. I'll just get attached (because it will be awesome) and it will wear out and I will have to throw it out and buy a new one. I'll just be too sad. I think I'm going to go to the store and just buy a generic one. I sound like a baby right now, but I love my lunch bag! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slow changes

Over the past few months I have gone from working out with Janelle for about every workout to only working out with her maybe twice in a two week period. 

I didn't realize that this had completely happened until yesterday when I sent Janelle a text telling her that we have to plan a Wednesday workout and if not we won't ever have time to workout together.

This has been a slow change over the past few months. Heck, I bet this change has been happening for about a year, but it's just been so gradual that no one was realizing it. Our routine was to workout in the afternoon after we were off work and in the summer we would workout in the early morning. 

I'm able to workout alone, I just don't like it as much. I need a lot more will power and dedication to make it happen. I feel like I don't push myself enough and I also feel like I forget things that I should be doing. I have to keep reminding myself that I do like to workout, even if it's alone, and I have to stay focused for what I really want.

I prefer to workout with Janelle because I know a get a good workout and I get some girl talk time. 

I think that's what I'm really missing right now; girl talk with Janelle. Workouts are about the only time I see Janelle these days and the only time we really get to talk and vent about work, working out, family, etc. Our schedules have gone totally flip flopped from each other. We don't really have a choice to workout together right now. 

Really. this is just a whole lot of whining because I'm losing my regular workout partner. These days we have to literally make appointments with each other just to see each other and get a workout in with each other. 

I'm trying to stay positive though; Summer is almost here. I will have a little more time and Janelle will have a lot more time. Hopefully we will find common time to workout then....

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Lately I've been not obsessed with losing weight. I am still doing my own thing with the meal plans and workouts and Zach and Janelle, and all that, but I had a strange thought the other day....

That thought was: I think I'm happy. I think I'm happy with my weight. I think I'm happy with how I look. I think I'm just happy. 

Now, that might be strange for some of you. I'm sure you're happy people. I've just spent so much of my life being unhappy with my appearance. I was never really vocal about it. I was more just in my head about it. I would have very negative thoughts about how I looked and how I felt, but I never had a damn clue how to fix it. 

I am very happy these days. I still want to get to my goal, but I think I've hit a level where I'm OK with where I'm at right now. If everything stopped right here, right now I would be ok and happy. 

I said the other week that I have 29 pounds till my goal and I still want to get there. It is important to me to meet a goal and I will meet that goal. I also want to have some skin removed, eventually. I used to obsess over that too, but in the past few weeks it has seemed less important. 

So, with all this happy talk aside, here's what makes me nervous: Now that I am "happy" will I lose my motivation? Am I going to start slacking off? I've been really busy the past few weeks and it has been a really big task to get my 5 or 6 workouts in each week. I've still managed to make it happen, but I've been having thoughts like, "Oh, I'll just go tomorrow or I'll get there later." I've pushed those thoughts aside and still done what needs to be done but what happens on the day that I believe my sabotage thoughts?

I'm also worried that all this happiness will lead to bad food decisions! I've had a few beers and drinks here and there over the past few weeks. I've been responsible about it and counted my calories and what-not, but I'm worried that I'm going to relax too much!

So, I know everyone strives to be happy, but I feel like I need to stay in state of panic and paranoia so I can stay focused!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An AWESOME weekend!

I think my weekend was fan-freakin-tastic. I didn't really do much, but I've been having a great time lately. I am still following meal plans and whatnot, but you can really tell that I'm getting Spring Fever. 

Anyway, as you all know, Sunday was Easter. I spent time with my family and we searched for Easter Eggs and what-not. Although, on a complete side note, I'm upset with the Easter Bunny these days (AKA, my mom). The Easter Bunny is giving out cash these days. I NEVER got cash from the Easter Bunny. These kids opening eggs and cash is falling out! Outrageous! I want to go back in time and get money for Easter!

Ok, back to my real purpose for writing There was so much food. My mom even said that she was not going to make a ton of food. I should know what she means when she says that. She means that she is going to make half portions of a ton of food! 

I can't complain though, Momma doesn't go all out like she used to. She used to make elaborate meals and foods almost every weekend. She's slowed down on it over the past few years. Now she only goes all out about 3 or 4 times a year. 

The food situation wasn't bad. I was able to control myself. I also went with Janelle and did a killer hill workout before I had to go to family stuff. So by the time I got to Mom's house it was time for me to eat a big post workout meal. 

I know the day was not a total food success day, but it was damn close. 

Overall, the day was great. After family time I had a few other obligations. I went and saw some other people and managed not to gorge myself or drink myself stupid. 

So far this week has gone well. I have done a few really tough workouts and my whole body is super sore. I love that super sore feeling though!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break?

Honest to God, I have so many jobs that it's difficult to keep them straight. I'm in the midst of transitioning from one job to another as well, and when I say transition I really mean quit. I'm not doing a good job though. I really want to quit one job for the other, but I think I'm going to find a way to do them all....sigh. Who needs 4 jobs? Me, apparently. 

Anyway, it's been Spring Break from one of my teaching jobs. I was looking forward to getting things done this week. I wanted to go shopping, do extra workouts, clean my house, hang out, be know, all the things I never have time for!

Well, did I have time to do any of these things? Nope. I filled my down time with meetings for other jobs, extra hours at other jobs, conference calls, etc. I did get to do some cleaning and catch up on some Netflix, but I did not get any extra workouts in. In fact, I'm pretty sure I missed a few workouts this week! Totally. Bummed. Out. 

I also wanted to spend a day catching up on blogs and having some bloggy fun time. I have not had time to do these things! I did manage to find a little time this morning, but just not enough time....

Anyway, workouts have been going well, new meal plan is still in the works, I'm getting some spring fever and I do feel my focus waning, but I'm trying like hell to stay on the straight and narrow! 

I feel like this has been a huge complain fest, but I'm really feeling ok. I mean, who am I to complain about having so much employment??? Crazy, right? I'm lucky to be so busy with work and still find time to workout, eat right, and have a life! Also, how many other people really get Spring, Winter, and Summer Break? I'm truly a lucky lady.....and a whiner/complainer. 

I'm hoping to have a relaxing weekend with my family and friends. I'm hoping to get in some good workouts as well. 

****If you're new here or newish, leave a comment and tell me about you blog (if you have one). I'd love to check it out!!****

Sunday, April 1, 2012


So, gonna keep this short and sweet....hopefully. 

As of March 31 I have officially lost 125 pounds. Awesome! I lost 3 pounds since the end of February and I can't really complain. I'm totally ok with how things are going. However, the trade off this month was a lot of inches lost; 6 total inches since the end of February. That is now a total of 92.5 inches gone from my body.....forever. 

It's hard for me to complain these days about my slow losses because I have to take into consideration how much I have lost and how many inches I've lost. I also have to remember that the less weight you have to lose the slower you lose it. I updated the other day that I have 29 pounds to go until my goal weight. 

April will be a good month too. I have a break from work this week and I'm going to do a few extra workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. The weather is getting nicer and I'm getting outside to take more walks and jogs. I have a ton of people that always want to take walks and do other active things. There is just a lot of good stuff going on all around. 

Going out for a girl's night. 
I have not posted pics in a while. I've been meaning to though. Here is a pic from the middle of February when Janelle, Ashley, and myself went out for a girls night. We set this shot up on purpose. I was going to post a picture of us in the same spot from 2009, but I can't get the pic to load! It is on my main page of my blog, but it won't load! I will have to find it and post it at another time.